Jaspreet Singh

Data Science Enthusiast || Machine learning Enthusiast || Business Analyst || NLP Enthusiast || Web Scraping

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Data is the past, present and future, it is the most precious thing and will last longer than the systems itself.

An optimist, curious and creative person, who is always ready to unveil challenges and learn new things. I'm an IBM certified Data Scientist. I ventured into data world in 2020 and currently working as a Business Consultant in AGH Advisors. Seeking forward the way to future, I am eager to deep dive into the world of ML, DL and AI.



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I am currently working on NLP, Web scraping and Open CV projects, wherein we are dealing with web scraping of latest judgements, summarisation of the text, semantic tagging using active learning and deploying over AWS and Open CV project, wherein we need to classify the defective parts from a golden image for defective PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), in order to reduce human effort, save time and increase efficiency. I am actively looking for new opportunities in Data science/ DL/ ML/ AI

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